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Systemic & holistic approach

We will explore your questions in a solution-focused way. In dialogues we support you to structure your thoughts, to explore your topic from different angles and visualize interconnections. We develop practical options and solutions by a combined approach

INTUITION – get at the heart of an issue
INTELLECT – recognize patterns and interconnections
INSIGHT – gain clarity
EXPERIENCE – learning by hands-on experience

Based on your objectives we will select suitable methods to develop solutions

System analysis via constellations small pictures with big impact

You can analyse or simulate systems you are interacting in. Inner pictures become visible and you can explore your current state. We can work with your inner picture to

  • Gain clarity
  • Recognize (thinking-) pattern and interrelations
  • Mobilize energy and courage for next steps
  • Explore possible solutions

Systemic Constellation methods based on Matthias Varga & Insa Kibed & Insa Sparrer (SySt® Institute)

Intuitive Methods - SHIATSU and CHI GONG

These methods from Asia support us to stay flexible. Our vitality is increased byfreeing energy flow in our body which help us to

  • find balance and relax
  • enhance composure
  • build resilience – embrace change, stay open to explore solutions
  • highten mindfulness and presence
  • gain energy to shape your life